Friday, June 17, 2011

One Planet Action Plan Workshop is a HIT!

This past weekend Asani and BioRegional held a workshop on Bainbridge Island to create a One Planet Action Plan – a roadmap for designing, building, and operating a new kind of community at the Grow Community site. The workshop was a great success.

Here's what one attendee had to say about the event in her blog  Living Lean in a Land of Plenty:

...So here’s the wonderful part: there’s a development on Bainbridge Island, called the Grow Community, that is planning to become a One Planet community! And the workshop was to get community input, with the guidance of BioRegional facilitators, on what that could mean. It was a juicy brainstorming creative session, made all the sweeter with fabulous gourmet vegetarian and mostly locally-sourced food. We worked hard. My eyes glazed over quite a few times as I took my own mental breaks, but I loved hearing excited responses to my ideas, and I LOVED seeing so many creative ideas from the group. Bainbridge Islanders, you can be proud that your city council and city planning was represented, along with student and faculty from Bainbridge Graduate Institute, Sustainable Bainbridge, and many more. I was in here to read entire blog -->

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