Wednesday, August 24, 2011


Here’s a fantastic article on innovative urban farming out of necessity.  It shows that food production certainly can take place close to home, with a little creativity!  With community garden spaces at the Grow Community we'll seek to nurture this kind of connection with our food supply within a communal, semi-urban setting!  It can be done!

Urban Farming Movement Sweeps Across Havana, Cuba Providing 50% of Fresh Food

by Helen Morgan, 08/18/11
Urban agriculture is a refreshing sign of people localizing food production by bringing it into the city. But in Havana, Cuba, the farming movement has evolved as an amazing response to the loss of food imports and agricultural inputs towards the end of last century. Following dramatic political changes, and the ensuing economic, ecological and social crisis, agrarian production was seen as key to food security. This movement towards urban cultivation systems continues to sweep across the city, and according to recent reports, now over 50 per cent of the city’s fresh produce is grown with its boundaries.


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